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Today is a really exciting day for me. My best friend, Cameron Hall, is launching a new venture of his called “a man’s voyage“. This is what Cameron has to say about himself and this new venture:

I graduated high school and decided to take a road trip around the country with two of my friends. So we did that, and now…well now I’m home. I’ve seen so much but feel as though I’m doing so little. I’ve decided to put my focus into music. Music is NOT my escape, music is my entrance. It’s my entrance into so many things. First off, my relationship with God. It’s how I connect and talk to him. Second, my relationships with people. It’s my way of entering a deeper understanding of the things that happen to/around me. Whether that be a romance, a friendship, or why my neighbor down the street mows his lawn in his underwear.

So we spent most of the morning on Saturday working on building his website, putting finishing touches on the EQ and levels of the song, putting together his album art, and setting up his music stuff so you can get all his music online. Well, not it’s ready to go and I’m really excited to see how this grows, and I’m really excited for you guys to be able to hear his heart and his authenticity.

He is doing this pretty cool idea that he got from his favorite band, Sleeping At Last, where he will be recording and releasing 1-2 new songs every month. The new “song of the month” will be available for free on his Noisetrade (but if you like it, please, leave him a tip), and all the rest of his music is available on Bandcamp, for a “name your own price” thing (meaning you can get it for free if you want, or whatever you want to pay for it).

I have embedded the bandcamp player below, so please check out the song and let me know what you think! Also, be sure to check out and “like” a man’s voyage on facebook!

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