Further Along The Road: The Documentary Kickstarter

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Well, its time. We just launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds we need to finish filming and editing Further Along the Road: The Documentary. I wrote a detailed (but non-technical) post about what the funds will go to on the Further Along The Road blog here. But here is the more technical stuff: […]

New Camera


Well, through a really good deal on Amazon, along with some MAJOR rearranging of my budget, I was blessed with the ability to buy a Rebel t4i to help improve my photo shoots and video shoots. It arrived on Wednesday night, and needless to say, the past 2 days have been picture central as my […]

The Hobbit Movie Review


First off, can I just say that this movie was phenomenal. Peter Jackson is brilliant, weaving a tale that stays true to the book, and yet is entertaining and cinematically beautiful. The high frame rate in IMAX was stunning. It made you feel like you were sitting there, almost a part of the story. Like you […]

Updates on Projects

If you’ve been following us on twitter (@FlyTrafficMedia) you already know that we’ve been working with Cameron Joseph on his debut EP Album (click the link for a 1 song sample, that song will be on the album, but redone & sounding even better!). It has been going wonderfully, and with only one song left […]