She’s Got A Way – Prom 2013

IMG_3964 (1)

Brandon & Ashilee asked me to take their pictures for their Prom again this year. I was more than happy to oblige. Working with such a beautiful couple is always fun! As I began to edit, I kept seeing the way Ashilee just seemed to radiate beauty and always seemed to captured Brandon’s attention and […]

New Camera


Well, through a really good deal on Amazon, along with some MAJOR rearranging of my budget, I was blessed with the ability to buy a Rebel t4i to help improve my photo shoots and video shoots. It arrived on Wednesday night, and needless to say, the past 2 days have been picture central as my […]

Ride The Wind – Photos


On Friday, I went with Trevor to a place called Wolf’s Hollow where we spent some time recording a live version of “Ride The Wind”, a song Trevor wrote. As always, we talked as we walked, and found funny places to take pictures, as well as some beautiful scenery and sky. We did get a […]

For Just a Moment, the World Stood Still


On Friday, one of my good friends, Mahlon Beiler, got engaged. I had the honor of being his photographer and being on the ground floor as he developed this idea. I love what he did because, for those of you who know Mahlon, it was so perfectly him. Please check out the pics and let […]

A Church of Us


So those of you who have browsed around the site a bit know already know my good friend, Trevor. I’ve done a number of photo shoots & a few videos with him, and he is fun to work with, and has a great heart for people. Well, Trevor is getting ready for a big journey […]