Springs Park Playhouse Promo Video

A while ago I had the opportunity to make a promo video with Tim Stanlake of Springs Park Playhouse. He had a vision for a non-profit theater that focused on training young actors, blending old and new, and creating things that cause people to take some time and think, ponder, and dig into themselves. And at […]

Said the Tree to the River – Ride The Wind

If you’ll remember, a while ago, I went with Trevor to Wolf’s Hollow and did some filming, and I posted some pics (which you can find here). Well, it took some time, but the video we recorded that day is now live! It’s a live recording of Ride The Wind, spliced in with clips we took as […]

“Nap In A Can” Commercial

Every year for the past 8 years, my friend Harry Stymiest of Dream|Reach Media Studios, runs a Video Production Camp (this year called Media Arts) at Camp Innabah. In 2010, the campers were making a video that needed commercial breaks, so the counselors got together and made a commercial of our own. We took elements […]

I Am Second

Ryan Dagen, the Youth Pastor at GCC was speaking about putting ourselves second, after God/Others, so to help illustrate it, we asked the youth to talk about being second