Triune Rising Promo

3 friends face trials both external and internal in an effort to form the worlds greatest leadership group ever… The Triune My roommate at the time, David, approached me one day, with a really funny/cool idea for a fake promo video for a TV show that he and his 2 friends wanted to do. As […]

Pilgrims & Indians

A couple of friends needed to make a video for their History Through Cinema class, so I was asked to help them film and edit their video. The video was a huge success, and everyone loved it! (they did lose a few points since one of the actors cursed in it)

Crossfire Music Video

When I was in University Master’s Commission, we made a music video to the song “Crossfire”. We used it when we talked about being caught in the crossfire of who we are/where we are now, and who we want to be/where we want to go.