Portable Soundz Website Redesign

I was recently approached by the owner of Portable Soundz with the desire to re-design his website. After combing through scores of designs and ideas, we finally settled on one that provided all the functionality we needed with a design and style that was appealing. After the initial flip, we spent time going through and buttoning […]

White Chimneys Website

White Chimneys Website

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in the update, but I’ve been busy with work at my “real” job, and working on a LOT of FlyTraffic projects. The documentary is coming along, though much slower than I originally anticipated. I’ve been working on a website for White Chimneys for a while now, and am proud […]

Gap Community Church Website

GCC Homepage Screencap

After spending almost a year and a half working for Gap Community Church, I knew just how bad and hard to work with their website was. But when I was working there, I didn’t know much about web design. So when they approached me about helping them create a new website, I jumped at the […]

4GIVE 2LIVE Website

4Give2Live Website

About a month ago I was approached by the founder of 4GIVE 2LIVE about building their website. They were in a rough spot because their previous developer decided to drop them after they decided to try to go for the Christian Market. They had about 2 weeks before they went to CreationFest and wanted the […]