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Well, through a really good deal on Amazon, along with some MAJOR rearranging of my budget, I was blessed with the ability to buy a Rebel t4i to help improve my photo shoots and video shoots. It arrived on Wednesday night, and needless to say, the past 2 days have been picture central as my now semi-annoyed friends can now attest. But I’ve been playing and learning a lot about it and am really excited to see what I can do with the features and tools available to me now. You can see pictures below of the shenanigans I put my friends through. Not all of the pictures are the best, but as I said, it was the first 2 days and they were a lot of fun to take. There are more pictures after the break.

That being said, I am pleased to announce that FlyTraffic Media is now offering Senior Pics, Prom or Dance pictures, family portraits, and other special photos as a service I provide! I do not, at this time, offer wedding pictures, I am not ready for that yet, but if you are photographer and are looking for a second or third photographer to help with weddings, I would be more than happy to offer my services.

For more information, or to inquire about having me come capture a special moment in your life, please contact me via the contact page!

Also, special thanks to Cameron, Trevor, Colby, Dan, Nichole, Josh, Heidi, Charlee, Jonathan, and Zach for being my wonderful and willing subjects, and for not getting pissed as I snapped over 800 pictures in less than 2 days. I can’t promise I’ll stop taking your pictures, but I do know what I’m doing better, so it won’t take as long now as it did 🙂

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