White Chimneys Website

White Chimneys Website

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in the update, but I’ve been busy with work at my “real” job, and working on a LOT of FlyTraffic projects. The documentary is coming along, though much slower than I originally anticipated. I’ve been working on a website for White Chimneys for a while now, and am proud […]

Rickett’s Glen State Park

IMG_5169 – Version 2

I took Trevor Heinrich to Ricketts Glen State Park to do some filming and take some pictures. The waterfalls made for a great backdrop for the pictures and video. The video Trevor wanted to make is about his vision for the church. What the church should look like. To hear his dream, his vision, his passion was […]

Further Along The Road: The Documentary Kickstarter

Facebook Kickstarter Header

Well, its time. We just launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds we need to finish filming and editing Further Along the Road: The Documentary. I wrote a detailed (but non-technical) post about what the funds will go to on the Further Along The Road blog here. But here is the more technical stuff: […]

PVHS Graduation 2013

I attended Pequea Valley’s Graduation Ceremony last night, and took my camera along. It was a really interesting exercise, since the lighting wasn’t even across the stage, and the lighting around the room was low, and I had to shoot with my 55-250mm lens at full zoom to get any decent close up. The pictures […]

She’s Got A Way – Prom 2013

IMG_3964 (1)

Brandon & Ashilee asked me to take their pictures for their Prom again this year. I was more than happy to oblige. Working with such a beautiful couple is always fun! As I began to edit, I kept seeing the way Ashilee just seemed to radiate beauty and always seemed to captured Brandon’s attention and […]