Springs Park Playhouse Promo Video

A while ago I had the opportunity to make a promo video with Tim Stanlake of Springs Park Playhouse. He had a vision for a non-profit theater that focused on training young actors, blending old and new, and creating things that cause people to take some time and think, ponder, and dig into themselves. And at their core, they value community, faith, and mentorship.

They want to connect experienced actors with beginning actors, and educate and mentor those beginning actors. They blend the old and new by doing classics and new, original, works (and maybe one with a new twist on an old tale). And they want to cause people to think by doing works that prod that deep part of your soul and encourages you to do something new.

He had originally approached me about a logo, but after talking with him, I realized that I wasn’t what he needed to do a logo design, but as we talked, I volunteered to help him make a promo video. It was awesome to have the opportunity to sit and listen to him talk about his passion, his heart, and what he wants to do in the community.

Their first show will be Screwtape ReWired: School’SIN. It  is a contemporary theatrical excursion inspired by C.S, Lewis’ classic SCREWTAPE LETTERS. Through this journey, you will visit with Professor Scapegloat and his minion Dismal as they struggle with their lost-ness and their concerted efforts to make life for two humans as hellish as possible. The play represents a tour de force for 4 actors, who play multiple characters through which they represents both human and supernatural elements. This unique take on the underworld is urbane, witty, and offers something for all ages. So, unlike the original, it offers a series of subplots with a good deal of theatrical element providing everything from rap to sword fights. Like the original it also provides substantial doses of satire and humor, mirroring but not replicating Lewis’ brilliant text through the immediacy of the dramatic moment. You are cordially invited to join Professor Scapegloat’s class for a special lesson SIN, but be prepared to learn more than just your abc’s.

So check out the video, then head over to Springs Park Playhouse and checkout what they’ve got coming up!

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