Gap Community Church Website

GCC Homepage Screencap

After spending almost a year and a half working for Gap Community Church, I knew just how bad and hard to work with their website was. But when I was working there, I didn’t know much about web design. So when they approached me about helping them create a new website, I jumped at the […]

A Church of Us


So those of you who have browsed around the site a bit know already know my good friend, Trevor. I’ve done a number of photo shoots & a few videos with him, and he is fun to work with, and has a great heart for people. Well, Trevor is getting ready for a big journey […]

Updates on Projects

If you’ve been following us on twitter (@FlyTrafficMedia) you already know that we’ve been working with Cameron Joseph on his debut EP Album (click the link for a 1 song sample, that song will be on the album, but redone & sounding even better!). It has been going wonderfully, and with only one song left […]

Prom 2012 – Brandon Lantz


Back when I was in youth ministry, I got to know a young man named Brandon, who became like a little brother to me, so when it was time for him to go to prom, I offered to take his prom pictures for him. We had a fun time doing them, and got very creative […]