PVHS Graduation 2013

I attended Pequea Valley’s Graduation Ceremony last night, and took my camera along. It was a really interesting exercise, since the lighting wasn’t even across the stage, and the lighting around the room was low, and I had to shoot with my 55-250mm lens at full zoom to get any decent close up. The pictures […]

She’s Got A Way – Prom 2013

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Brandon & Ashilee asked me to take their pictures for their Prom again this year. I was more than happy to oblige. Working with such a beautiful couple is always fun! As I began to edit, I kept seeing the way Ashilee just seemed to radiate beauty and always seemed to captured Brandon’s attention and […]

Said the Tree to the River – Ride The Wind

If you’ll remember, a while ago, I went with Trevor to Wolf’s Hollow and did some filming, and I posted some pics (which you can find here). Well, it took some time, but the video we recorded that day is now live! It’s a live recording of Ride The Wind, spliced in with clips we took as […]

Ride The Wind – Photos


On Friday, I went with Trevor to a place called Wolf’s Hollow where we spent some time recording a live version of “Ride The Wind”, a song Trevor wrote. As always, we talked as we walked, and found funny places to take pictures, as well as some beautiful scenery and sky. We did get a […]

a man’s voyage

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Today is a really exciting day for me. My best friend, Cameron Hall, is launching a new venture of his called “a man’s voyage“. This is what Cameron has to say about himself and this new venture: I graduated high school and decided to take a road trip around the country with two of my […]