The Dark Knight Rises Review


**WARNING** the review below WILL contain spoilers!

If you haven’t seen it yet, STOP READING, go see it (in IMAX, preferably), then come back & share your thoughts

First, I want to talk about plot. The first thing to understand is that Batman was first and foremost a comic book character, so remember his motivations, actions, etc have it’s roots there, (though Nolan did a phenomenal job of making him more real, the roots are still in comics, so an element of that will always be there). So the fact that he goes from a crippled recluse to wanting to put on the suit again in such a short amount of time, makes sense when you remember he’s a comic book character, and really that Batman is who he found his identity in. He was a recluse because he felt that he had lost his identity, so he had no reason to go out, or take interest in his company, etc…

Then there was the bomb. This, in my opinion, was the only MAJOR flaw (the rest I would consider minor and easily overlooked). If it was a nuclear bomb, as they said, even though it went off over the ocean/bay/whatever it was, the bomb still would have had radiation and nuclear fallout that would decimate the people of Gotham City… So while the city would still be standing, the people would live horrid lives for decades as they had to deal with the effects of the fallout. The fact that they skipped over that issue is a huge problem, it could have been ANY other kind of bomb, and they could have still had pretty much same storyline, without the nuclear fallout thing… But for that to be my ONLY major issue with it is pretty good

Lastly, I want to talk very briefly about the effects. First, let me clear something up: the point of visual/special effects is to draw you into the movie, make you feel like you are there, so if the effects are noticeable, they have failed in their job. I’ve seen movies where the effects weren’t badly done, but you can clearly see that the effects were the focus, and not the story. That to me is bad effect work, and just as bad as crappy/cheesy effects.

With that in mind, the effects in The Dark Knight Rises, I felt, were PHENOMENAL. The sequences, many of which were shot with an IMAX camera, were easy to follow, looked natural/real, and really helped to pull you into the story.

**Commenters, what did you think about the movie? What bothered you, what didn’t? Feel free to leave a review of your own…

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  1. DanaBeth July 21, 2012 Reply

    I thought the mob-police fight scene in the background of Bain and batman was soooooo fake! You could see the fake punches so clearly….

    • JoelCornett July 22, 2012 Reply

       @DanaBeth I didn’t notice it the first time around, however, the second time, I did notice it, not sure if it was because I was less caught up in the story or because you mentioned it, but yeah, I did notice it the second time…

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