The Hobbit Movie Review


First off, can I just say that this movie was phenomenal. Peter Jackson is brilliant, weaving a tale that stays true to the book, and yet is entertaining and cinematically beautiful.

The high frame rate in IMAX was stunning. It made you feel like you were sitting there, almost a part of the story. Like you were looking through a window as the scene unfolded before you.

The acting was phenomenal. Martin Freeman really captured the personality of Bilbo so well. The underlying excitement at adventure combined with a fear of leaving the comfortable. I don’t know if there was a better option for the role of Bilbo.

To sum up the entire experience, I would tell you to go see it in IMAX, it is worth every penny.


I had 2 major continuity errors that bothered me, however.

1) Sting. When Gandalf gives Bilbo Sting, he says “it will glow blue in the presence of goblins and orc” and when Bilbo gives it to Frodo, he says “it glow blue when orcs are around.” Which we see in Lord of the Rings, it does when Frodo is around Orcs (Frodo is never around Goblins to know that it glows blue around them) I don’t have an issue with that. My issue is that Gandalf said it glows blue in the presence of orcs, and in LotR, it glows blue in the presence of orcs and in the hobbit, it glows blue in the presence of Goblins, so then why, when Bilbo is fighting the orcs, IS STING NOT GLOWING BLUE???

2) Thorin & the eagles… a, that sounds like a sweet band name, someone get on that. B, when the eagle picks up Thorin while he is laying on the ground almost dead, you can see that the sword is NOT picked up with him. However, when the eagle puts Thorin down, the sword is in the eagles talon… WHERE DID THE SWORD COME FROM??? It was out of reach of Thorin, so the eagle wouldn’t have been able to scoop it up with him…

**End Spoilers**

All in all, it was a great movie, I would definitely recommend it to people, and if you can see it in IMAX, do yourself a favor and do it.

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  1. DBMoulton December 19, 2012 Reply

    Although I noticed a lack of blue on sting when they were attacked by the white orc I think it’s more of a lighting thing. If you watch closely it’s glowing a dim blue. I would say it’s probably a lighting issue. Also, it should be noted that Goblins are a type of Orc, just like Uruks are a derivative of them as well.

    • JoelCornett December 20, 2012 Reply

      DBMoulton When I watched it the second time I looked for it, and most of the time when it looked like it was blue, it looked more whitish blue and I thought it looked more like moonlight… I think it could have been better done…

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