Portable Soundz Website Redesign

I was recently approached by the owner of Portable Soundz with the desire to re-design his website. After combing through scores of designs and ideas, we finally settled on one that provided all the functionality we needed with a design and style that was appealing. After the initial flip, we spent time going through and buttoning […]

PA Renaissance Faire 2014


We seem to be on this “every other year” cycle of going to the Renaissance Faire (our group has gone in 2010, 2012, and this year). So most of the group dressed up in costumes lent to us by Jordan’s uncle and headed out for a fun day of being back in time.

Photoshoot – Kurt Strenk


A friend of mine hadn’t had good pictures of him taken in a few years, so I had the privilege of going into Lancaster City with a friend of mine and walking around the city taking pictures. We went in the evening and walked around, stopping whenever we found a cool place for some pictures. […]

Fishing Day


Back at the end of July, me and a few close friends took a relaxing day and went fishing and bow-fishing. Now, I’m not one who really enjoys fishing, but I certainly enjoyed grabbing my camera and snapping some pictures as friends¬†partook in something that they really enjoy doing. Unfortunately, other than the little guy […]

White Chimneys Website

White Chimneys Website

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in the update, but I’ve been busy with work at my “real” job, and working on a LOT of FlyTraffic projects. The documentary is coming along, though much slower than I originally anticipated. I’ve been working on a website for White Chimneys for a while now, and am proud […]